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Put Lang Marketing on Your Team

Create a one-on-one working relationship with Jim Lang.

  • All work is strictly confidential and can be covered by an NDA.
  • We can provide as much or as little assistance and input as you need.
  • Here are examples of our one-on-one work with companies:
    1. a. Annual Sales Plan Review.
    2. b. Competitive Analysis for companies exploring new aftermarket sectors or seeking to expand their aftermarket product offering.
    3. c. Analysis of how your products and/or services are perceived by your customers.
    4. d. Create a stream of marketing information for your customers that is packaged under your company's name.
    5. e. Review and provide input for Board Presentations and other major events.
    6. f. Develop strategic Marketing Information and Press Releases for public companies.
    7. g. Create Strategic Information at all levels: Distribution, Installation, and Consumer.
    8. h. Create, Provide and/or Present aftermarket information to Educate New Employees.
  • We specialize in the light vehicle aftermarket in the U.S.

For more information, contact Lang Marketing:
Phone (260) 399-1699, Fax (260) 399-7626, or e-mail us.